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Resulting PDF Version


I have a template PDF that has some fields in we open it up, fill the fields and then save the resutling PDF. The template is set to be compatible with Reader version 5 onwards.

However when users open the created file with an older version of Adobe Reader (version 6/7 for example) They get the following message:

There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.

We can open the files correctly with version 9

What version of Adobe does the .Save method create and is there a way to specifiy it?

BTW I am using Aspose.Pdf.Kit

kind regards

Pete Rogers

Just as a follow up on that, when I open the document and look at document properties it tells me the document is Version 5.x

So it seens to retain the correct version but for some reason the older versions of reader cannot open it ?

Do you have any thoughts on what might be causing that?


Here is the snippet of code I am using to create the PDF file:

Aspose.Pdf.Kit.License license = new Aspose.Pdf.Kit.License();

DateTime blankDate = Convert.ToDateTime(“01/01/1900”);

String pdfTemplatePath = Server.MapPath("~/templates/APPFORM_BLANK.pdf");
FileStream pdfInStream = new FileStream(pdfTemplatePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);

Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form pdfForm = new Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form(pdfInStream, outStream);

pdfForm.FillField(“CandidateName”, app.Firstname + " " + app.Surname);
pdfForm.FillField(“PostHeld”, app.PostHeld);
pdfForm.FillField(“Qualification”, app.Qualification);

Hi this post

Aspose.pdf (3.9) & Acrobat Reader 7 - "there was an error opening this document"

Resolved my problem it was the way the PDF was being rendered to the browser