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Retrieving image info from shape

How do I retrieve an image info like a background image in a visio page from aspose diagram?

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your inquiry. A Visio drawing contains at least one foreground page and may also contain one or more backgrounds. A background is a page that appears behind another page. You can simply add the logo and any borders you want to one background page and then assign that background page to all the others. You can retrieve image information from background page by using following code snippet:

Diagram diagram = new

foreach (Aspose.Diagram.Page page in diagram.Pages)


//Checks if current page is a background page

if (page.Background == Aspose.Diagram.BOOL.True)


foreach (Aspose.Diagram.Shape shape in page.Shapes)


//Display information about the shapes

Image img = shape.Image;

Console.WriteLine("Blur: " + img.Blur.Value);

Console.WriteLine("Brightness: " + img.Brightness.Value);

Console.WriteLine("Contrast: " + img.Contrast.Value);

Console.WriteLine("Sharpen: " + img.Sharpen.Value);





In case, it does not help then please share input visio diagram. We will take a closer look and guide you accordingly.

Thanks for the reply. But I wanted to get the actual image in
bitmap format. Can I do that with aspose?

What I am trying to do is get the original image information from Visio document, read it using Aspose so I can pass it on to Nevron diagram tool as a bitmap. I dont need the image attributes. I need the actual image blob or bitmap object.


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please refer to the answer that I replied in the following post: