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Retrieving multiple messages in one call

I currently use Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices to pull large quanities of the Inbox messages from Exchange, but I'm considering converting the code to Aspose.Mail instead of because there's now a need to save the complete messages (including attachments) in msg format. The Aspose examples I've found use ExchangeWebServiceClient.ListMessage to get a message list, then loops through ExchangeWebServiceClient.FetchMessage one message at a time to get the whole message. With EWS I use FindItemsResults to get all of the messages in one call, then LoadPropertiesForItems to get all of the extended properties in just one more call. It's very efficient that way and I don't want the application to have to query Exchange possibly hundreds of times with Aspose to get all of the Inbox messages. Does Aspose have a means to get multiple messages in one call?


Thank you for inquiry.

I am sorry, currently there is no such way to get multiple messages in a single call. When multiple messages need to be downloaded from Exchange, I think the network load using Aspose will almost be equal to the EWS API. The connection/authentication is performed once when Connect() method is called and then each message is downloaded when Fetch() method is called.

I will also confirm this from the development team and if any performance issue is found, then we might optimize this.