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Revisions in word disabled when word document protected

I noticed that when you protect a word document "for forms," the track changes features (amongst other things) becomes disabled. Is it possible to enable track changes when a user is working in a protected word document? Our documents need to be protected when a user edits them.

Thanks In Advanced

Here is what seems to be MS Word behaviour:

1. Protection set to "Filling in forms". The user can only enter data in form fields. Tracking changes and any other editing is disabled.

2. Protection set to "Comments". The user can only enter data in comments (annotations) and insert new comments. Tracking is disabled.

3. Protection set to "Tracked changes". The user can edit text, but all changes are always tracked and it is not possible to turn them off.

Maybe you should set Document.ProtectionType = ProtectionType.AllowOnlyRevisions? Does it work for you?