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Rich Text or HTML into aspose.word created document

I am watching your development of aspose.word with a keen interest as I would also like to see you program the API to allow a developer to insert formatted text (i.e underline, bold, italic etc etc) into a word document. I already have a license of the product, but I am looking to improve my overall application and use of the component.

In older posts you forcast that this functionality would to 2-3 months away. Would it be possible to get a more definite ETA now that time has moved on a little?

Thanks for all of your hard work.



Hi Neil,

Nice to hear from your again. We are releasing Aspose.Word that includes API to build rich formatted content in 2-3 days.

Nice to know!

Many thanks,

Neil Bergenroth

Aspose.Word 1.4 is out, please check