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Rotate PDF 180 degrees

We are wanting to render SRSS report as PDF and rotate the PDF by 180 degrees and then print/save the rotated PDF.

Is this possible in Aspose PDF for SRSS?

I saw the Aspose PDF kit does rotate but I see nothing of this for the SRSS version.

Hello Tom,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

I'm afraid this feature is not yet supported but for the sake of correction, I've logged it as PDFREP-11176 in our issue tracking system and will keep you updated with the status of implementation.

We apologize for your inconvenience and appreciate your comprehension in this regard.

Thank you for the prompt response and consideration of our issue.

If it is possible for you to implement this feature in the near future, we might be willing to wait and purchase your Aspose PDF for SSRS product as a solution. No pressure. :)

Please advise.

Hello Tom,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for considering Aspose.

After initial study regarding the implementation of this feature, we've concluded that it can be supported by next week. Please spare us little time and we'll keep you updated with the status of availability.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated in this matter.

Hello Tom,

Thanks for your patience.

The feature of rotating the resultant PDF, is implemented in the latest hotfix shared over this link.

You can set the number of degrees by which the page should be rotated clockwise when displayed or printed.

Parameter Name: PageRotatingAngle

Date Type: Integer

Values supported: The value must be a multiple of 90. Default value is 0.


PPDF" Type=" Aspose.Pdf.ReportingServices.Renderer,Aspose.Pdf.ReportingServices ">

< PageRotatingAngle >180</ PageRotatingAngle >

You can also set the page rotation angle property for the PDF document using following steps.

  1. Open the report in Report Designer and then open the menu 'Report', select the menu item 'Report parameters'.
  2. In the report parameter dialog, click button 'Add' to add the parameter named 'PageRotatingAngle', with the type of Integer and spcify its Default value (Non-queried) as 180 or what so ever value you want.

Thank you. We tested the solution.

The rotated sample we got from MS Report Viewer (via “PDF via Aspose.Pdf” save option), not from the code.

For now we don’t see a way to call the required function from the code. To get PDF file we use reportViewer.ServerReport.Render(...). In Aspose documentation we didn’t find how to rotate PDF from the code.

Can you advise if there is a way to call the rotate function from within the code?

Hello Tom,

I'm afraid there is no such method that you can call from code to set the page orientation of resultant PDF generated via Aspose.Pdf for SSRS. But, if you want to add the PageRotatingAngle parameter to the report, you can follow the approach shared at the end of my previous post.