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S3 with Free Plan


I’m a french student exploring your API with Ruby. I was wondering is there is any way to use S3 Storage with the free plan ?
I do not find anything to change the Default Storage of the default app.



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Hi Loic,

Yes, of course you can use any supported storage with your free plan. Please log in to your account, select My Storage and click 'Create New Storage' button to configure S3 storage with Saaspose; see for more details.

Once S3 storage is configured following above mentioned steps, you can use 'Storage' and 'Folder' parameters with any API you use. Storage name will be the one you just configured/created by clicking 'Create New Storage' button and folder path will start with S3 bucket name. Please check RUBY examples in the documentation and let us know if you need some specific examples if those are missing.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz

Support Developer, Saaspose
Sialkot Team

Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for replying me so quickly. Well I'm actually trying to convert some
powerpoints documents to a set of images.
Should I iterate over /filename.pptx/slides/[1..n]?format=jpeg or is there
any way to directly convert (and save to S3) my presentation to a set of
image ? (ideally it would be to a folder named filename-images/ with
[1..n].png files inside)

I have checked the Ruby and pure REST examples but the doc is sometimes
kind of confusing when you're coming from the Ruby world. Anyway, thanks
for your help which is really appreciated.




Hi Loïc,

Thanks for your inquiry. I'm afraid. There is no direct way to split multi-slides to a list of images. In this case, you need to convert PPT/PPTX from S3 to PDF and then you can use splitDocument resources to split PDF pages. In the end, you can convert new PDF files to JPEG images. Please have a look at these helping documentation links:

Please let us know in case of further comments or questions.

Imran Rafique
Support Developer, Saaspose
Support Team