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Hello, our application has the following requirements and I think one of your products or perhaps a combination of your products will accomplish this.

The end user is responsible for creating MS Word documents which are templates for contracts. The user is already trained in creating the Merge Fields using a custom DocVariable to identify what belongs in a field.

We take that document, open it and insert the correct field values and save out a “merged” Word document. Then we convert that Word document to a corporate standard PDF format. This PDF document is then available to the end user.

This approach lets the user maintain their current skills and take advantage of the many many Word documents they have already created.

We do not like the apporaches and third party softwares we are using - including their complexity, technologies and price.

As a reminder we do this:

1. Open Word Document
2. “Merge” fields with correct values
3. Save New Word Document w/values
4. Convert to PFD
5. Deliver to User

Do you have products which can deliver this function?

Many regrets for the rush, but we will be making a decision on software and approach at the Close of Business tomorrow, Thursday, August 4th MST.

Thank you in advance.

Please include the EXACT products and their price - we will get this pricing apporved (to the penny) so please be as accurate as possible. Insofar as scale, please expect a small scale of less than 100 users at a single time, interacting with only one document each with less than 100 fields per document. THe size of the documents vary, but they are almost only text and their size is typically less than 1 MB. Using the .NET framework is desired.


Please include any information on how this would be accomplished (your prefered way) if the documents did not exist and were to be created from scratch using any means we employ.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose products.

You need Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf to accomplish what you want.

Using Aspose.Word you will be able to open a Word document, insert data into the document using mail merge similar to what you have in MS Word or using other more advanced features of Aspose.Word.

Then you will be able to save in .doc format or in Aspose.Pdf.Xml format. File in Aspose.Pdf.Xml format can be loaded into Aspose.Pdf and PDF document produced from it easily.

The scale and performance requirements you specify seem well within capabilities of our components. The NET framework is required.

If a template document does not exist, you can create one completely from scratch using Aspose.Word DocumentBuilder object. In future versions Aspose.Word will be able to import and save in RTF and HTML format if that’s of interest to you. With Aspose licensing policy you are able to obtain upgrades to all new versions for free and you also have unlimited and responsive technical support.

Dear Jerry,

As you’re in a rush and you need an accurate quote please talk to me using one of the Live Support at Contact Aspose NOW!