Sales Query



We are a Web consulting firm in San Francisco. Our client is currently assembling powerpoint presentations on a server based on visitors’ selections of slides, which the visitor can then download as a .ppt file. We are building a new site for them and we are looking into ways of doing this and it appears your software would be a good choice.

I have a few questions.

  1. We usually build sites on “LAMP.” I cannot find info on your site about platform requirements. Does it only run on Windows?
  2. If we could code the site in PHP, we would probably use PHP5’s .NET/COM functionality. Do you have any examples of your product working on a PHP site?
  3. I assume it could easily assemble/merge a selection of pre-made slides into a new powerpoint presentation?
  4. anything else we should know?


Dear Bob,

We offer 2 products now “Aspose.PowerPoint for .Net” and “Aspose.PowerPoint for Java”.
.Net component can be run on Windows only of course but you can use Java version on any platform where Java runtime can be installed.
Aspose.PowerPoint for Java 1.0.0 has the same features as .Net 1.7.0 except slide preview.

We don’t have examples how to use it with PHP yet but last time more people ask for that so I think we will provide our demos also for PHP.

For examples how to copy slides (or merge presentations) please check CloneSlides demo,
Presentation.CloneSlide function and Presentation.cloneSlide in JavaDoc.
Also many examples and explanations can be found in the forum.
Please ask me if you can’t find or understand anything.