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We are evaluating a Java libraries for reading excel, below are couple of questions that we have: 1. What version of Excel does Aspose.cells support 2. What are the Commercial support options are available for production and development support. 3. Is Aspose.cells Thread Safe? 4. can be deployed in a clustered environemnt? If YES, then how. Please have someone get in touch with me @ 610-246-4262, or email me.


Thanks for your inquiry.

1) Aspose.Cells supports all the MS Excel versions greater than or equal to 97 (e.g Excel 97 - Excel 2013). It supports all the file formats that MS Excel (97 - 2007/2010 or 2013) provides, e.g
XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLSB, CSV, Tab Delimited, ODS, HTML, SpreadsheetML etc. See the documents for your complete reference:

2) Please post your query in Aspose.Purchase forum, they will help you soon.

3) Yes, sure, as the component is created in pure Java.
Also, Aspose.Cells for Java will work fine on any environment/platforms that supports/contains JDK/JRE.

Thank you.