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SalesReportDemo.vb question

Can you tell me where I can download ASPOSE.Chart? I see that this is included in your Sales Report demo for ASPOSE.Words. I do not see ASPOSE.Chart as a product to download. Is it part of ASPOSE.Words or one of the others and I am just missing it? I see some other posts in the forum that mention ASPOSE.Chart but can not seem to find it.


Hi Brad,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m afraid Aspose.Charts was discontinued recently. The SalesReport demo for the .NET platform now uses Aspose.Cells to generate and insert the chart which is inserted into an Aspose.Words document.

I have noticed even though the SalesReport in the online demo is using Aspose.Cells, the source code in the tab still shows Aspose.Report. I will fix this bug as soon as possible.