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Save as Aspose .PDF does not follow SSRS visability expresssion rules

I have to say I am extremely frustrated with Aspose.pdf for SSRS. It seems that applying the Justify custom property to any text box on a report will cause all other report objects to shift, misalign, and not follow visibilty rules.

I have a simple table that is contructed to display an address. If address lines 2 and 3 (distinct records) are null then hide the row(s) - basic stuff. In Visual Studio 2008 design preview, the rows are hidden, in export to all native SSRS formats (Word, HTML, pdf etc) rules are followed. When saved as an Aspose pdf there is a huge space where the rows should be hidden:

Line 1 Address

City, State, Zip

Instead of:

Line 1 Address
City, State, Zip

What really bothers me is that none of these text fields are modified wiht aspose custom properties. There is are two text boxes above in their own Rectangles that have the Justify property.

This product does three things from a custom property perspective, I bought it for one only. It is unusable if it destroys all of the other report formatting. Is this a SQL 2008 R2 only issue? I don't know how this product would survive if this is the way it has always been. The above is just one problem. It doesn't follow "keep together" rules, it flattens spacing between objects, it destroys page numbering when a report has subreports to number, it doesn't follow image "fit proportional". IN order to make things work you practically have to "pixel push" to get your page breaks at the right location (because it doesn't follow keep together rules)

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for using our products.

Can you please share the sample .RDL file causing these issues, so that we can test the scenario at our end. We apologize for your inconvenience.

These are the files. I have posted example pdfs in a private post due to confidentiality.

Attached are the rdl and an excel file which can be imported into Adventure works. Just import it with all the defaults.

I have had to manually filter repeated tablixs to force page breaks on the sections. If you embed this as a subreport and the parent has a footer and page numbers they will not save in the aspose - all page "1" - The aspose pdf ignores page margins as well. See sections that go all the way to bottom of page.

Within each tablix the textboxes are set as placeholders to render the data as html - this is to achieve the underlining and in some places to force spaces between words to "trick" aspse into not leaving hanging letters in the Justified sections. Litterally had to manually contruct this report trying to trick aspose to look "right"