Save as Format HTML with email link in document produces "Cannot match end tag 'a'"


Please see the attached project to recreate the project.

Are there any work arounds?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Phil,

The cause of the error is that the paragraph ending located at the end of the list item has merged with the hyperlink. If you toggle the Paragraph mark button on the Standard toolbar, you'll see that the paragraph end mark (Paragraph mark) has the same color as the hyperlink. So meanwhile just watch this when creating hyperlinks and don't let paragraph marks to become their parts. I'm attaching the reworked document.

Also, your report has been logged as issue #922.


As Dmitry pointed out your hyperlink field spans across a paragraph break (contains a paragraph mark). This is not yet supported by Aspose.Words for exporting into HTML. I think hyperlinks with paragraph breaks inside them are pretty rare. We will look at improving on this issue in the future.