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Save as Msg


Is it possible to save an MailMessage-object in msg-format?

MailMessage ms = MailMessage.Load(@“D:\temp\test.msg”, MessageFormat.Msg);
(2)ms.Save(@“d:\temp\t2.msg”, MessageFormat.Msg);

(2) throws an exception: Not support format

Is there another way to do this or is it not supported?


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Saving a MailMessage into Microsoft Outlook Message file is not supported. Only loading from Msg format and saving into Eml or Mht are supported.

Because Eml format is an open file format for email message document transfering. Every mail client will be able to read Eml. If you are choosing a document format for your mail message, I think Eml could be good enough.


Does Aspose.Networks fully support Mht? We have tried to save an email containing attachments and gifs, but in the resulting mht file the attachments and the gifs are missing.

Thanks for your post.

The current release does not support attachment and gif on it.

Hi iret,

when saving MSG file format will be supported?


Hello iret,

Actually what I need is to remove attachments from specified MSG file and save it again without attachments. Is it possible?


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We need time to investigate this feature. I will get back to you later.



We will support deleting attachments from the Outlook Message files directly. Our development team have finished the code for this feature. After the test pass, we will release it soon.

Or perhaps, you can explain more detail of your scenarios. Therefore, we can do more testing on it before the official release



We have released a new version of Aspose.Network. The empty attachment bug you mentioned has been fixed. Please check it out.




I need this msg attachment stripping functionality. I have version of this library but cannot set the static DestroyAttachment method. Is there another version of the library I need to get?



Please try the following code to destroy the attachments in the Outlook Message,

using Aspose.Network.Outlook;
//Destroy attachments from Outlook Message files

Let me know if you have any problems,

Best wishes.