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Save pdf by given page only


I am using apsose pdf for .net , i am getting trouble while saving file . For example i done highlight to 2nd page out of 80 pages, my requirement is on each action (Highlight,Hyperlink) pdf should be update, so after every action pdf should be update. My problem is for single highlight it will take 55 second to update big pdf file. is there any alternative way to save only modified pages to given pdf file which will give best performance while save.

i am using below code for save pdf file.

doc.Save(Server.MapPath("…/PackageFiles/" + originalfile));

it will take 55 second for 1 page modification and save it.

Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid currently we can not save a specific page but complete document. However we will appreciate it if you please share your sample PDF document along with your sample code, so we test the scenario and will log new feature request accordingly to address your requirement exactly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Tial,

Thanks for your replay , i figure out the problem actually file saving is not take long time but file bind to canvas is taking long time i reduce that time by binding only one page at a time.

Moreover, is Aspose.pdf product support only canvas and not HTML? for display pdf to enduser(onscreen) just like in demo example

Hi Viral,

Thanks for sharing the details.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET supports the feature to convert PDF files to HTML format and you can display file to end user in web browser. However in order to have optimized performance, you may consider Splitting PDF File to Individual Pages and then perform the operation.

In case you still face the similar issue, please share the input document.

Hi Nayyer,

Thanks for reply, i think i need to give you more detail about my requirement. i use aspose for online pdf editing,in demo project given by Aspose it is working with canvas and end user can edit pdf using canvas so i am facing some problem with canvas say click on hyperlink which is already there in the file . so looking for solution that user can click on hyperlink . Did you get my point?

Hi Viral,

Thanks for sharing the details.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET do not support the feature to display PDF files and the HTML5 editor example first converts the file to Image format and then renders the image in canvas object. In case you need to display the actual PDF document and manipulate elements/objects inside it, we recommend you to please try using Html5 Document viewer application from our sister company named GroupDocs.