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Save sheet as csv file

Hi team,

i it possible that saving a worksheet as csv is based on display format styles? I’m loosing up to 5 decimal places and the values for number/decimal feilds are exactly the same as displayed in Excel -


Value 57.2567435262
Displayed Values 57.2567 (as display format is 0.0000)

Value in csv 57.2567 - but I would expect it to be 57.2567435262

Any hint would be highly appreciated


Aspose.Cells works as MS Excel. If MS Excel allows this (and does not loose decimal places) in exported csv format, Aspose.Cells will allow this. If you have different opinion, kindly do create a simple Excel (Xls/XLSX) file and save it as CSV file format in MS Excel. Now opens the file by Aspose.Cells and save it as CSV, now compare both Excel’s and Aspose.Cells’ exported files. If you find any difference let us know with attachment of all the files. We will check it soon.

Thank you.