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Save style name

When using Aspose.Excel.Excel.Save(), are the styles saved to the excel file? If not, is there a way to save them manually to the excel file?


Aspose.Excel.Excel.Save() should save all styles including in the excel file.

Do you have problems for that? Please let me know what happens.

When i use Aspose.Excel.Excel.Save() to save and open the excel back in the borwser, it did apply the styles as separate properties (font, cell border, etc.) on the cell, but did not populate the Excel style property on the cell. When I check the styles under format menu, the stylenames I set up in my program didnot get populated in the “style name” dropdown list.


Would you post sample code which can reproduce the problem?
Then we can decide it it caused by inappropriate use or a bug.
If it is inappropriate use we will post the right code here; If it is a bug we can deliver a hotfix for you very soon.

I just downloaded the Northwind demo and tried the Invoice report. Noticed that none of the styles in the sample get populated to the style property of the cells.

In my project, I need the style property gets populated on the cells in the excel file saved and be able to import back for consistance.


In Aspose.Excel, the name of Style object is to help programmer remember different styles set in his program. The style property set to the cell is save in the file, but the name of style is not saved.

In style of format menu, you can manually delete a style, but cannot add a style. So these styles are set by Microsoft Excel.

Style of Aspose.Excel can be used to set cell style, just as you set a cell’s style or a range of cells’ style manually.