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Save text content in database?


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can be integrated Aspose Words for Java” in another developed application in Java with the feature of saving the text content in database (not in doc files)?


Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words is a class library for processing Word documents programmatically. Using Aspose.Words you can convert, modify, edit, and insert content through code. There is no graphical user interface which allows a user to edit a document as if they are working in MS Word.

Could you please provide me more information about your requirements? Maybe I will be able to suggest an easier way to achieve what you need.

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My Java application currently manages (edit, save, …) plain text and numbers into a database. What I need is a Java component that can incorporate the application to edit and save “non text plain” llike bold text, tables, … Do you have something?



Thank you for additional information. If I understand you correctly, you need some user interface (web interface) which will allow you editing some content. Unfortunately, Aspose.Words does not provide any user interface for editing your documents.

Of course you can create your own user interface for editing documents and use Aspose.Words in underline level, but I think it will require a lot of efforts from your end.

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yes, I need a user interface but Java Desktop (not web interface) which alloy editing some content.
Has Aspose some software that meets my needs?


Thank you for additional information. No, unfortunately, Aspose.Words does not provide any user interface for editing documents. Using Aspose.Words you can process your document programmatically only.

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