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Save updated data

I have a workbook created and sent to the client browser.

Now the user makes some changes t the data in the workbook

that is open in his browser. how can I send just the changed cells

data to the webserver so that the database can be updated.



Hi Amardeep,

There are two approaches:

1. If you just want to provide an interface similiar to MS Excel, please try to use Aspose.Grid. It creates web pages similiar to MS Excel. Users can edit data and submit them to server.

2. If you want to use Aspose.Cells, you can protect the worksheet and only allow users to changed data in some specified cells. You can use OpenInExcel option to let users to change data in MS Excel and save it. Then you can provide a web page to let users to upload their changed Excel files. After that, you can retrieve the changed data.

I think the first approach is better.