Saving a word document back to the Server


I have recently downloaded the Aspose.Words component. I have 2 questions. My first question is How do I save any changes made to a word document back to the web server?

My other question is On the web page displaying the word document, is there a way to have that page display buttons or links that are not part of the word document?



Concerning your first question - please give us more specific description of your task and client-server environment and configuration.

Concerning the second question - it will be possible to combine Word document preview and other web page elements and controls after the release of Aspose.Word.Viewer, which is now available but only in very preliminary beta stage. The release is planned on April 2006. Aspose.Word.Viewer gives you capability of rendering the document page and displaying it as a bitmap image on your web page. Please note that you won't have any editing capabilities in that case.