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Saving EML as UnSent not working on Mac


We are creating an EML from MSG file like this:

MapiMessage mapiMsg = MapiMessage.FromMailMessage(“Email.msg”);
mapiMsg.SetMessageFlags(MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_UNSENT | MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_FROMME);
MailMessage msg = MailMessage.load(“MsgOutput.msg”, new MsgLoadOptions());

Email.msg is just a simple message which is in read only mode. The problem is that wen we open it in Outlook for Mac, it is still shown as Sent instead of Draft mode. Is there any work around for this?

Hi Leo,

Thank you for posting your inquiry.

This issue is actually with Outlook for Mac which doesn’t care for the unsent flag. Aspose.Email API follows the rules as per RFC and the behavior is in accordance with that. Thus, it is a not an issue with the API. Please feel free to write to us if you have any further query in this regard.

Hello, we are keen to know if there is a solution now (2021), having Outlook to open emails as “unsent”.

We are using:
MapiMessage mapiMsg = MapiMessage.fromMailMessage(message);
mapiMsg.setMessageFlags(MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_UNSENT | MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_FROMME);

The version of the API is:
Aspose.Email for Java 19.3

Thanks in advance.


Please refer to below response for your convenience.