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Saving to html


I would like to know if it could be possible to save a word document to html in a near version? Currently, it is possible to save to xml (for making a pdf eventually). Saving to html is a feature I’m very interested about.

There are a lot of conversion components available on the Net that already support word/rtf/txt to html (via a COM), with or not Word automatization. For example, SoftInterface with WordConverterX ( and Convert Doc( that convert from word/txt/rtf/pdf to html/txt/word, using or not Word automatization and it can also be used as a component (as a COM); CZ-Doc2Html (; DocToHtml (, etc.

A major difference between these products and yours is the possibility to open and save to a stream (which mostly only you permit).

I would very like to know how things are going for saving into html, because I read in previous posts that you guys were working on it.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the links.

Yes, we will support save in HTML sometime in August, maybe earlier. You know with Aspose licensing policy you can get upgrades to new version of products for free.

Thanks! Will look forward to it :slight_smile: