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I have a bunch of TIFFs. They are like 3,000x1500 pixels large. Whenever I attempt to load them into the PDF via the XML approach, the Save operation runs into infinity and times out. If I manually resize the TIFF to like 500x375 using Paint Shop Pro, etc, it works like a champ. But I can’t go through and manually resize all those TIFFs in this situation. I need Aspose to do it for me. Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, maybe you have sample code that can auto-resize the TIFFs in code?

Dear darryla,

Thanks for your consideration.

Please download hot fix 1.5.24 here.

you slould set the IsBlackWhite to true. Processing such images needs much time, please be patient.

Please view thread New Release 1.5 and Its Hot Fixes for TIFF image example.

Will it auto-scale an image to fit in the space I give it? I don’t want to have to calculate a scale factor for every image. I just want to say “use this width” and then it computes the scale factor from that whether it be a zooming factor or a reduction factor. Does it do this or must I give it a scale factor each time.

If I must give it a scale factor each time, do you have a way to compute the width of a .TIFF?

Dear darryla,

Thanks for your consideration.

I have added another property “FixWidth” into ImageInfo class to meet your requirement. Please download hotfix 1.5.24 again.