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Schedule for Words.Viewer / Java-Version?


We pretty urgently need the ability to get the page count of a Word-document created with Aspose.Words, as well as the orientation of every single page in that document.

Reading several forum posts I understood that this would only be possible with Aspose.Words.Viewer. I also read that the Viewer component is only beta and that even that beta version is now being rewritten from scratch.

I would like to know, if there is a schedule for releasing Aspose.Words.Viewer and if there is going to be a Java-Version (since the current beta is only available for .NET).

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words.

You right, MS Word model does not contain a page count and we should to render the document completelly to know the page number.

By now we haven’t any schedule for java version of Viewer. This schedule will arise only when we get the stable (and minimally profitable) .Net version of Viewer.

Best Regards,