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Searching PST: Nested OR Statements

Also on the OR I noticed its limited to only 2 OR items.

In this case I want all emails that have Tom Or Jim in the (1) Subject or in the (2) To fields. Not seeing this could be done in one search.

Longterm I'm trying to get this as WDS replacement for my users. My users could have many nested Or's in there searches, and with having to specify fields, this issue is componded by the number of fields I need to search.. since I will have to OR each of those fields times the number of OR statements

Subject, To, CC, BC, Body, FolderName etc..

I could run seperate searches on each field, not sure how performance on that will be... will need to test.. but I need a work around for this:

Tom Or Jim OR Bill OR Bob OR Tim OR Willie

My users at times have 75 Nested OR


You may use the MailQuery class directly instead of query builder:

MailQuery mailQuery = new MailQuery("((‘To’ = ‘Tom’)|(‘To’ = ‘Jim’)|(‘To’ = ‘Bill’)|(‘To’ = ‘Bob’)|(‘To’ = ‘Tim’)|(‘To’ = ‘Willie’))");