Secondary Axis show on the Left instead of Right

We are using Aspose.Slides for .NET (netstandard2.0) library.
The old version of app using Aspose.Slides and there same code works perfect.
The Secondary Axis show on the right side and Title also shown properly.
Using old version chart looks perfect
image.png (21.9 KB)

In new Version chart looks this way
image.png (21.4 KB)
I was able to move secondary axis label to right using following hack

chart.Axes.SecondaryVerticalAxis.TickLabelPosition = AspCharts.TickLabelPositionType.High;

Welcome to our community! If I understood correctly, you are generating a chart with Aspose.Slides. Could you share a code example reproducing the issue, please? Also, please share your presentation output file. You can compress the file into a ZIP archive and upload it. Another way is to provide a link to the file in Google Drive or Dropbox.

I have logged the issue in our tracking system with ID SLIDESNET-42530 to investigate further. I will inform you about any progress.

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Could you isolate the error and simplify your code example as it possible, please?


Here is a version with more clean code, removed code which is not (8.0 KB)

Thank you for the code example. Our development team will investigate the issue.

Hi, is there any updates about this issue, only I have this issue, others do not have such issue with secondary axis?

I requested some estimated time to fix this issue from our development team. I let you know as soon as possible.

There have been no other messages of this error yet.

The issue is planned for investigation the next week.

Thank you for your patience. Our development team investigated your code example. To show the secondary axis on the right side, you should specify it at the end of the PopulateExecutableStrategyChartSlide method as below:

if (oChart.Axes.SecondaryHorizontalAxis != null)
    oChart.Axes.SecondaryHorizontalAxis.CrossType = AspCharts.CrossesType.Maximum;

API Reference: CrossesType Enumeration

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Thank you, it is now working as it was before :slight_smile: