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Seeking thumbnail generation.. and more

I have been looking at Aspose.pdf seeking features similar to some features of Aspose.Powerpoint component.

What I need is to generate a thumbnail of each page in a variable size and the possibillity to grap and download a single pdf page (as pdf).
Furthermore I would then like to be able to combine pages from different pdf documents into a single document.

I wonder if this would be possible in the current version of Aspose.pdf.
Or perhaps I have overlooked it ?

With regards

Dear Morten,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Grabing and combining pages will be supported in our new product Aspose.Pdf.Kit which hopes to available at the end of this month. Generating thumbnails is difficult for us and we have to support it later.

Please refer to Aspose.Pdf.Kit Product Preview and Tommy Wang Blogs.