Separate Application Pool causes Evaluation License message


We have been using Aspose.Excel version for a few years now. We have what was called a "Web OEM" license at that time and that entitled us to use the license on multiple sites.

We have recently made the decision to split out the portion of our site that renders some large reports into a seperate application pool so that in the case a *really* large request comes through, only a small part of our site may be affected. When we did this and pointed the code to either 1) a license file in the original site or 2) a license file in the site in the new application pool, the control started to render Excel reports with a message on Sheet 3 states this is an evaluation license. We use the same root URL for both...just one is running under a "report" application pool in a directory below the other.

e.g. vs.

We also use Aspose.PDF and have not had any issues with it.

What would you recommend to eliminate this issue?

Thank you,



Hi David,

This problem may be caused by the old version or the old license schema. Since 2005/01/22, we changed the license schema to facilitate our users to deploy the license. Please check .

You can ask for a 30-day temp license file at . After testing, please renew your subscription and you can get a formal license file.