Server-side consolidate files to a single PDF?



We are developing a .NET application which needs to consolidate a number of different files each in any of a number of different formats into a single target PDF file. We expect that the process which does this will be implemented as an internal web service called from any number of (internal) client machines. Information about which files to consolidate into which PDF is stored in a database, so the client systems will simply call the webservice giving it information about which set to consolidate.

I have found your products via a web search.

The server process must support the following constituent file formats:

word documents (doc, txt, and rtf)
.JPG images
.TIFF files (multi page)
PDF files

and be able to generate a single target PDF with bookmarks identifying each constituent file.

Which of your many products would I need to implement the above scenario, and how well do these “play” together?

Thank you for any assistance you can give,

- Jeff Mason


I swear I posted this exact problem yesterday in here as well… but I need this same exact functionality. We need to combine .xls files and .doc files as well.



Well, let’s hope for a positive response.

There seems to be a lot of stuff out there, but most of it seems to be significant overkill (client tools that integrate with apps like Word, massive document management systems, etc). I just need a straightforward API that I can use to convert each needed file type and merge the results into a single PDF.

While we currently do not have the need to handle .xls files, we do have the need for handling all the various versions of Word .doc files. And, since the only thing constant about requirements is that they change, it’s reasonable to assume that perhaps some day other types would be added, like spreadsheets. Thus, the more file types supported, the better.

I have no problem paying for something that works…

- Jeff



They moved my question… so they actually answered it over in another forum. Here is the answer: