Server was unable to process request. --> Access is denied: 'Aspose.Pdf'


Despite the tree entries I've found on this site on this topic, I realy tried anything to get it to work:

If I create a new visual studio ( test ) project and include the DLL: no problem: Project was created in:
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Webproject1; Everything works fine


The main project is under Sourcecontrol with a working folder:
d:\work\[APPNAME]\WEB\ (Website = web project)
d:\work\[APPNAME]\BUSINESS\ (Business = webservice project)
d:\work\[APPNAME]\DATA\ (Data = Classfile)

I trie to get it working from the Data classes; (Add reference/Copy Local). But everytime I trie to get it working: Access is denied: 'Aspose.Pdf'.

The Aspose DLL is located in D:\Work\Binaries and is Copied Local into the project's bin folder.
Impersonalion = true.
The testwebsite and in the main website the same settings are used in IIS.

I am realy desperate looking for an answer: Which folder had to have what rights??

Please help.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry I'am not familiar with server setting. I will contact our web master to see if he can give some idea.


Thank you for asking. The version we use is Maybe I looked over it in the manuals?

The error occurres when i do the following: Pdf x = new Pdf();


There is no content about this issue in the manuals. Searching the internet for similar problem and solution may help.


I’ve done that,… but i can’t find whitch rights i have to set on what file of directory…


I have spend now more than 12 hours trieing to get it to work. Including the licence file also doen't work..


First please make sure the application has the reading right for the component and license file.


Can you please be more precise? ASPNET user? Only Reading Rights? Now Everyone has full controll (Like all the othe DLL's in my project)


I don't know which user is used in your application. Please check your Web.config file. You can try using another user like the following line:


I use impersonation, I am “local admin”