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Service Pack 2 Issue

So far our company is very happy with Aspose.Word. Recently a few people installing Service Pack 2 have had some issues. Here is the code in question.

doc.Save((Name.Text & ".doc"), SaveFormat.FormatDocument, SaveType.OpenInWord, Response)

This code works fine without Service Pack 2. It gives me a download file dialog, I press open, and word opens with the file. Now on Service Pack 2 computers, it gives an error where it is unable to find the file. Pressing save (as opposed to open) works on both computers, but directly opening only works on non Service Pack 2 computers.

Any suggestions on how I can make this work the same in both environments?

This is an attachment that contains the original document. We use the merge fields to fill in information about the resume. Then save it using the command listed about. There is an embedded logo file in the top (which I replaced with a random picture). Nothing else special is done to the document.


Thank you for your interest in our products.

Sorry, but I can’t see any attachment. Could you please reattach the original document?

Ok, trying again

Thanks again. We have reproduced your code using your document and we don’t have any troubles with SP2 installed. Are you using the latest version of Aspose.Word?

I’ve reproduced it with SP2 and it works fine for me too. Just try the latest download and try our Aspose.Word.Demo included in the installer, change the save parameters to be OpenInWord, works fine for me.

It must be some security or configuration problem on your computers, very hard for us to pinpoint from here.

It still tells me it is unable to find the file when I press open, even though when I press save it will allow the download. It has the same problem on several computers, all from several locations, all with SP2 installed.

My computer does not have SP2, and this works perfectly. I can send you more code, or show you the application, but I wouldn’t be able to post the information here, since all of our company resumes are in the database.

Thank you for your continued help with this problem.

Please email the info how to access the database to We will try to open some files and see what happens on our computers that run SP2.