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Session variables

Serious Error found!

After calling the Pdf.Save function, all previously created session variables have been removed.

I am now working on a large project that requires exporting reports to PDF and have been considering to recommend my client buy your component - I like it a lot. But I can’t do this until this bug is still there.

Please advise.

Dear spt,

I assure you we will make every effort to make Aspose.Pdf really work for you if you give us time.

Thanks for your patience.

Could you double check your code to verify whether the Pdf.Save or anything else has removed your session variables then let me know your findings.

I checked my code.
Session variables are removed when they are stored on my PC (in the web.config file in the SessionState settings parameter mode is equal “InProc”). If I store sessions on the another PC (mode=“StateServer”) all works fine.

I have added the following code in function which is called by submit event (PDF is stored when button is submitted):


This code works fine when submitting is carried out for the first time.
But when it carried out for the second time all session variables are removed, I cannot use them even in the Page_Load() function.

I see.

Thanks for your elaboration.

We will fix it ASAP.

Please let me know how quickly you need the fix and we will try to meet your needs.

Your fix on the next week will be very much appreciated.

Dear spt,

Sorry we haven’t found the problem based on the info and code you have provided.

So could you provide complete sample code which will reproduce your problem?

You know we can’t fix the problem, if we can’t reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I understood the reason.
I wrote PDF files to /bin directory

Dear spt.

No problem.

What are your thoughts on the evaluation?

Do you have any more questions about tech, licensing or payment?