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Set License Problem

Hi, hope you can help with this -
I have a web application that creates a data set and exports data to a Excel template. When running this on my developer machine w/o using the Set License method the template populates correctly, however when I incorporate the Set Licence method my template will no longer diplay. The license I am using was generated for my development machine
and I’ve verified that the apps finding the license file

Here’s a portion of the code:

Dim oExcel As New Excel
Dim licenseFile As String = Request.PhysicalApplicationPath
licenseFile = licenseFile + “Aspose.Excel.lic”

Dim Savefile As String
Savefile = “PharmacyList_” & stateval & “.xls”

Dim PageNAme As String = Me.ToString
oExcel.SetLicense(licenseFile, Page)

Dim designerFile As String = “C:\PLtemp.xls”
Dim sheet As Worksheet = oExcel.Worksheets(0)
Dim cells As Cells = sheet.Cells

oExcel.Save(Savefile, SaveType.OpenInExcel, FileFormatType.Excel2000, Response)

Which edition of license are you using, Basic, Standard, Professional or Corporate?

What do you mean the template will no longer display? Your program abrupts when you set license, or the generated file cannot be opened in MS Excel? Please elaborate your problem.

Please check if your license file is correct and you choose the correct edition. If possible, please send me your designer file.

I’m using Professional edition with a web generated license for my development machine. We have double checked the license and the machine info used to create it and all that is correct.
To elaborate the problem Excel will open in the browser but you cannot view any worksheets.
How would you like me to send you the designer file?


Which save option are you using? OpenInBrowser or OpenInExcel?

If you use OpenInBrowser option, please close MS Excel running in the background. That’s a problem of MS Excel with IE. If an MS Excel instance is running in the background, the OpenInBrowser option may work incorrectly.

If use OpenInExcel option, the created file will not be opened in browser. You can save the created file in your local disk or directly open it in MS Excel.

If problem still exists, please email your related code and designer file to Thanks.