Set the Top of the table in cm


I am creating a table in pdf using aspose.My requirement is set the top,left of the table is in cm.I have Sdk of aspose.pdf i've seen it is possible to set the top,left in
cm.but while specifing that it will take only float values.SDK doesn't contains examples regarding can you tell me how can i specify cm(Centi Meter) in



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry for not making it clear in the document. I have updated the API document. Please refer to


Thank you for replay.
But here also you have specified we can use cm or inch for left,top.
but here it is not contains any examples for that.because Table.Margin.Top take only float value how can i assign string value for this property.


Sorry I have made a mistake. CM and inch is supported in XML only. It is not supported in API. Please convert cm to point when using in API. 1cm = 28.3points.