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SetLicence throws exception in Arabic web pages

I have a product which uses Aspose cells to read an excel spreadsheet into a database. The product is a dual language website - English and Saudi Arabic. When I try and use the product in an Arabic web page it fails because I get an exception thrown when registering the licence.

Code snippet...

License license = new License();


When run under a visual studio debugger the exception reported at SetLicence is:

"A first chance exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: The DateTime represented by the string is not supported in calendar System.Globalization.HijriCalendar."

What is the fix or workaround for this please?


Thanks for providing us details.

We will look into your issue and get back to you soon.

Thank you.


We have checked your issue. We do not find any issue in Arabic web pages.

Which version do you use? Please try the latest version, I have attached the latest version/fix v4.8.2.8. 

If you still have any problem, please try the following code:
DateTime.ParseExact(“20100101”, “yyyyMMdd”, null);
DateTime.ParseExact(“2010.01.01”, “yyyy.MM.dd”, null);

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply, the problem still exists...

All I do to cause this problem is to change my IE 7 Language preference from English (United Kindom) [en-GB] to Arabic (Saudi Arabia) [ar-SA] and restart the browser.

I am using Aspose.Cells.dll version

Using the VS debugger on the following statement immediately before calling SetLicence...

DateTime result = DateTime.ParseExact("20100101", "yyyyMMdd", null);

VS QuickWatch value for result is:

- result2 {01/01/10 12:00:00 ص} System.DateTime
+ Date {01/01/10 12:00:00 ص} System.DateTime
Day 21 int
DayOfWeek Saturday System.DayOfWeek
DayOfYear 264 int
Hour 0 int
Kind Unspecified System.DateTimeKind
Millisecond 0 int
Minute 0 int
Month 9 int
Second 0 int
Ticks 811240704000000000 long
+ TimeOfDay {00:00:00} System.TimeSpan
Year 2571 int
+ Static members
+ Non-Public members

Do you have any other suggestions or advice please?


Thanks for providing us further details.

We will look into it and get back to you soon.

Thank you.


We found your mentioned issue in IE8.0 with Arabic (Saudi Arabia) [ar-SA] settings. We will figure it out soon.

Your issue has been logged into our issue tracking system with an issue id: CELLSNET-14824.

We will inform you when it is sorted out.

Thank you.


We have fixed your mentioned issue, please try the attached version/fix.

Thank you.

Your solution has been tested and found to work.

Thank You.