SetLicense Problems in Latest HotFix



Just downloaded the latest Word HotFix and get the error:

'Aspose.Word.Word' is obsolete: 'Use the License class instead.'
when trying to set the License.

My code is currently:
Aspose.Word.Word.SetLicense(this.Server.MapPath("Aspose.Office.lic"), this);
Document doc = new Document(MapPath(""));
b = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

I can't find any information on using the Licence class. ALl help and demos still seem to use Aspose.Word.SetLicense.

Urgent help would be appreciated.



We have upgraded to a new online purchase and licensing scheme. The old licenses and old SetLicense methods are declared obsolete (you get a warning, not an error so you can continue). Old licenses will be supported for one year, however you can upgrade to a new license if you want. Please contact the sales team at and quote them your order number if you want to upgrade your license and use new License class to elimiate the obsolete warning.

All help and demos (if you download the full product installer) were updated to show use of the new License class. Old Word.SetLicense methods still have their original documentation, but it was updated to include a link to the new methods.