Setting AutoFilter



Just purchased the Cells package.

Im building a spreadsheet from a SqlDataReader, I know how many columns there will be in the

After I add all rows and columns how do I set the columns To AutoFilter ?

For instance Setting AutoFilter is done by a strongrepresentation of a range like "A1:B1".
I cant get this to work..

How do I set the entire sheet to AutoFilter (all columns added).?
A nice way would be to write AutoFilter.SetRange(Row,FirstColumn,LastColumn)

/Tommy Turkijevic



Thanks for considering Aspose,

Well, you may refer:


Amjad Sahi

Aspose Nanjing Team


Thanks for your reply !

I just got the cellname of the last cell of the range and then built a string for the range.

But it would be really nice if you could just specify the first column and last column in a method in the AutoFilter Class. Like AutoFilter.SetRange(Row,StartColumn,EndColumn);

Thanks for your help :-D