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Setting BulletHeight fails


I’m trying to set the height of a bullet:

Paragraph para = new Paragraph();
para.Text = “Text”;
Portion port = para.Portions[0];
port.FontHeight = 100;
para.HasBullet = 1;
para.BulletType = BulletType.Picture;
para.PictureBulletId = (short)picBulletId;
para.BulletHeight = (short)400;

If I understand things correctly that should be setting the bullet to be 400% of the font size? Regardless of what value I use (including negatives to set absolute sizes) nothing changes. It remains the same size.

Any ideas?


I think, bullet height depends on font height. Because I don’t find any way to increase bullet height without increasing font height. Do you know any?

Possibly, this is the reason that font height and bullet height are interlinked and change would materialize if both are same or correlates.