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Setting properties for webcell

I saw that we can set attributes for GridWeb1 in Aspose.Grid.Web like

GridWeb1.Attributes[“currentpage”] = GridWeb1.CurrentPageIndex.ToString();

Can I set attributes for webCell like this? For example, I would like to have a property named nextCell so that I can call it from javascript. Here is an example:

GridWeb1.Webworksheets[0].Cells[10,10].nextCell = GridWeb1.WebWorkSheets[0].Cells[11,10];

Is there any ways I can set properties like this? If not, can you please add this property asap. Thank you very much.


Could you elaborate and explain your need and what should be the purpose of the nextCell attribute? We will check it soon.

Thank you.


I think in Javascript client side code, you may try the following to get the next cell:



var cell = this.getCell(i+1, 4);

Thank you.

I don’t want to get the next cell. I want to set the next cell that needs to become active.


Well, i think you may try the following (using GridWeb1.setActiveCell method) to set the next cell active. I place an html button and on its onclick event handler, I put some javascript code. The code first gets the previous row and column attributes and then I activate the next cell adding 1 to the previous row attribute.




Thank you.