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Setting the "Document Name" when Printing a Document

We have a customer who uses MFD printers which allow prints to be queued up and printed later on.
The attached image shows the information for a “Word” document produced via Aspose.Words. The customer is saying that all the prints have Document Name set to “Document” so they do not know which print is which.

We call the Aspose.Words DLL from .NET so I have been running in debug looking at the properties of the doc and printersettings objects trying to find a property that would set the Document Name. I though that the printersettings.PrintFileName would be it but it was not.

Is there a way of setting Document Name?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your inquiry. Sure, you can. Just use the following overload of Print method and specify document name as the second parameter:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Thank you for your quick answer!