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Shape and Placeholders

First, I love what you know that I love what you guys are doing. We are very close to converting our code to run off your engine, but with one notable problem.

There is a fundemental difference between the Aspose API and Microsoft's API. In Microsoft's API, all objects displayed on the slide inherit from Shape, since Shape defines the X, Y, Width, and Height of the element. In your API, it seems elements in the slide are split between Shape and Placeholder. Is there a reason that Shape and Placeholder dont share some common base class because they both share several common properties.

The reason I bring this up, is that my newly converted code now has to do a bunch of awkward record keeping to track which type of element I'm dealing with now.. a Shape or a Placeholder.. and then I have to go index into the proper list and cast out the correct class type.

Matthew Scott

Dear Matt,

Shapes and Placeholders were separated because it’s very different things in ppt file. It has different behavior and properties and it was difficult to support it together. Now structure of Shapes and Placeholders in ppt are clear for me and I will join it soon.

Sounds great. You’ve done a wonderful job. I don’t mean to be critical.