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Shape Location


Could you please help me do the following if it is possible.

  1. Find the location of a Microsoft Signature Line (Shape) in a .docx file (please find attached)
  2. Save the location
  3. Remove the Signature Line
  4. Convert the document to PDF
  5. Add an image to the PDF in the saved location
Your help would be appreciated.




Thanks for your request. MS Word document is flow document and does not contain any information about its layout into lines and pages. So there is no way to determine on which page and where on the page some particular node is located.

In Aspose.Words we use our own Rendering Engine, which layouts Word document into pages.

Could you please tell me why you need to remove your shapes before converting to PDF? Maybe there is an easier way to achieve what you need. For example you can replace your signature image with other image and then convert your document to PDF.

Best regards,

Hi Andrey,

Thank you for your reply.

We hope to use the signature line image as a placeholder and we are replacing it with a signature image (digital signature) in the pdf.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for this additional information.

In this case, as Andrey suggested, I think it would be better to insert your image in the word document before conversion to PDF and then you would not need to do any post-processing to achieve this.

Please let us know if this is suitable for you.