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Shape position and size in pixel


We are having a problem for positioning our shapes in the Word Document.

I explain:

A user (of our app) can define and place controls (kind of “designer”) that will be displayed on the report. The controls and settings are saved in a database and then, a webservice build the report as designed by the user. Everything is working like charm. The only point is that Left, Top, Height and Width of user controls are saved as Pixel. So when we set those properties on a aspose.words.drawing.shape (textbox shape type), we use the “pixel” values that we get from DataBase.

I think that aspose shapes are working with “points” unit?

Is there a way to set it to Pixel so our controls will be nicely displayed?

Note that the report is saved as a PDF!

Thanks a lot!



Thanks for your request. I think, in your case, you should simply use ConvertUtil to convert Pixels to Points. Please see the following link for more information:

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