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Shape Types

Now Aspose.PowerPoint is support only Ellipse, Rectangle and Line shapes - do you plan to add others shapes (i.e. RoundRectangle, Arc, Arrow and other Shape Types)?

Dear CAV,

Yes, I planned to do it before December but probably will delay it for couple of weeks.

Ok, thanks I'll wait for new hot fix of Shape Types Smile.

A question: now PPT support only Link.SetExternalHyperlink and Link.SetInternalHyperlink. How can i get ExternalHyperlink and InternalHyperlink?

Dear CAV,

I’m sorry. It will be added with PowerPoint 2000 support on the next week.

Hi Alexey,

I don’t find it in new Version 1.4 Released. Is it not done yet?

Dear CAV,

It will be in the next hot fix on Saturday or Sunday with shape links and pictures optimization.