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SharePoint license - Evaluation text

I installed the Aspose.Pdf.SharePoint.License.wsp in my development environment, but the converted PDF’s contain the text “Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Words for SharePoint” and so on.

The license expires in 2018 so it should be ok. I could not find any exceptions regarding the license in the ULS log. What to do to properly license the pdf conversion? We are converting the PDF’s in a timer job running inside owstimer.exe, does this change anything?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for contacting support.

From above error description, it appears that you are getting an evaluation watermark related to Aspose.Words for SharePoint. Can you please confirm the API which you are using to perform the conversion. Please share the details, so we may reply accordingly.

PS, if you are using Aspose.Words for SharePoint for the creation of PDF files, then you need to use the license specific for Aspose.Words for SharePoint.

I am using the following code:
var conversionOptions = new ConversionOptions() { DestinationFileName = destinationFileName };
var pdfOptions = new PdfOptions() { Compliance = PdfCompliance.PdfA1b };
var convertedItem = Converter.ConvertFileToPdf(originalFile, destinationFolder, conversionOptions, pdfOptions);

This is the Aspose.Words.SharePoint namespace.
I have installed Aspose.Words.SharePoint.License.wsp in the farm.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing details.

I am changing category of your post to Aspose.Words as this is related to Aspose.Words API. One of our staff member from relevant team, will assist you shortly.

Best Regards,
Asad Ali

Hi Peter,

Thanks for inquiry. We will appreciate it if you please convert a document to PDF from SharePoint document library using Convert via Aspose.Words option from ECB and confirm whether output PDF document contains the evaluation watermark or not. It will help to confirm the license installation.

Furthermore, please check following documentation link for Aspose.Words for SharePoint logs.

Troubleshooting Aspose.Words for SharePoint.

Best Regards,

Yes, even when converted via ECB menu it has the watermark.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your inquriy. It seems the license is not installed properly on your SharePoint Server. Please double check whether you have Aspose.Words for SharePoint License or Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint. If it is Aspose.Words for SharePoint then please first uninstall the license and then reinstall it. It will resolve your evaluation issue.

However, if the issue persist then please share your license file via email. We will further investigate the issue.

Best Regards,

Tilal Ahmad


The license installed is: aspose.pdf.sharepoint.license.wsp and it’s the only license I have. Is there another API I should use with this license with other code than what I am currently using? The references assembly is Aspose.Words.SharePoint. I have inherited this code (but ordered the license for it).

Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing more details. Please note if you need to use Aspose.Words for SharePoint then you should purchase its license as well. However for evaluation purpose, you may request for a 30 days temporary license and purchase license accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Best Regards,

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