Showdialog Open/Save


Hello, i using the next sentence and work well, but shows the showdialog windows open/save. What should do to hide that window and open the document.

doc.Save(string.Format("{0}.doc", docName), SaveFormat.FormatDocument, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, page.Response);



You can’t save a file to a user’s disk via Internet Explorer without user’s consent. At least I don’t know about ways of doing that.


The problem is that I do not want it to record, I only wants it to see, that document this kept in a field from a data base and needs to show it without it shows the message to me of open/save.

thank you very much


Still that’s the behaviour of Internet Explorer and we at Aspose cannot really do much about it. If you really want that you probably need to search the net for various IE tricks or hacks how to make it do what you want.


OK, thank you very much, i am going to see as i solve it.