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Showing A Page Break

I am using Aspose.Word to merge data and to show the HTML. Some documents have more than 1 page, The HTML shows the page break like the following:

Do you have any suggestion to display the page break in a different color so the user know where is the page break or any other ideas?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry I have no idea what to suggest… You can try any HTML tag supported by Aspose.Word to mark page breaks. Maybe I could suggest something concrecte if you provide more details of your task, the current explanation is a bit confusing.

To give you more details, I am using Aspose.Word to merge the data then I saved the document as HTML format and displayed it in the IE. However you can not see the pages break while viewing the HTML document. Do you have any suggestion about how we can see a separation of the pages in the IE browser while viewing the html document?

Thanks for the elaboration. However, if I understand you correctly, this task is impossible to implement at the moment. How will you determine place to insert the separation mark? This might be done using a pagination engine that is still under development.

If I have misunderstood you, please correct me.

I can determine where the page break is becasue my html has

If you know where the breaks are, the easiest is then to apply bottom or top paragraph border on the paragraph that is at the end of a page. Paragraph borders will be exported to HTML.

ok I am interesting about this paragraph border, where do you set it up?

I presume you have an MS Word document that you mail merge into. Open that document in MS Word, go to that paragraph that is the last or first on the page and select Format / Borders in the menu, set the border.

ok I will try that. I have alos another idea, do you know if I could merge HTML tags in merge field for an example the value will be