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Showing first contact in people pane

I am creating a test calendar using the below test application.
Timezone.zip (52.0 KB)

In outlook 2010 it is adding the user’s first contact in people panel.
Please see the attachment:
1.png (53.1 KB)

Same happens for mails. It will show all the recipients and the first contact in people panel.

Please check and update me on this.


We used your application to create desired PST file, but were not able to observe the issue in MS Outlook 2016. The bottom view, that shows the first contact at your end, does not appear at our end. Could you please share which Outlook version you are using at your end? Also, list the steps you are using to view the first contact in the bottom window as shown in your screenshot.

Can you check with Outlook 2010 ? Yes at our end also working with 2016 but observed issue in 2010.


We are currently arranging Outlook 2010 for this purpose and will soon update you with our findings.

Okay. Thank you.


I have tried this scenario using Outlook 2013 and observed that it is default behavior of Outlook to add the first contact if no proper organizer is set. You may please try this whole scenario using Outlook only as follows:

  1. Create PST using Outlook

  2. Create an appointment using Outlook in “Calendar” folder and set the attendees as attendee1@gmail.com, attendee2@gmail.com and attendee3@gmail.com.

  3. Save this appointment and open it again. You will see the default contact in the attendee’s list.

Please give it a try and share the feedback.

Please find the attachment which is created manually in outlook and by aspose
1_calenderwith_attendees.png - manually in outlook which is configured with proper user ( we can see proper organizer here)
1_calenderwith_attendees_ASPOSE.png - created by aspose in outlook which is configured with proper user ( we can see proper organizer here and the first outlook contact)
2_calenderwith_attendees.png - manually in outlook which is not configured with proper user ( organizer is unknown here)
1_calenderwith_attendees_ASPOSE.png - created by aspose in outlook which is not configured with proper user ( unknown organizer and the first outlook contact)1_calenderwith_attendees.png (91.3 KB)
1_calenderwith_attendees_ASPOSE.png (119.9 KB)
2_calenderwith_attendees.png (49.9 KB)

2_calenderwith_attendees_ASPOSE.png (41.7 KB)

It is not depend on the organizer set properly or not.


We are still not able to reproduce any such issue at our end with the latest version of the API as you can see in the attached screenshot. We are really not sure about why you are getting problem at your end. Can you please try it with an upgraded version of Outlook at your end and share if you still get any such issue?

As i already stated this issue happens with outlook 2010 only.
Did you checked with outlook 2010 ?
It is not happening if organizer is set properly. But in such scenario where there is no organizer it happens.

Can you please investigate more on this at your side ?


We are working on this issue and request you to spare us little time. We will write back here as soon as feedback is ready to share.

Yes. Sorry for the giving feedback of other issue here but giving because both issues are related. The Organizer is coming properly now. But only this contact issue is coming if there is no organizer set.
Need this as well on urgent as is related to organizer issue.
Sorry for this but we committed date to our client and any how we have to give that to them.
I can understand your point. Please write back when you done with this.
Thank you !


We tested this in MS Outlook 2010 and were still not able to reproduce the issue. It seems the behavior is specific to configured account in MS Outlook where Outlook Connector is fetching updates for your contacts.

When you are checking make sure few contacts are added in address bookand look with the entries which doesn’t gas the organizer.

I will try to get more details to reproduce.


Yes, we ensured that contacts are added in address book and checked with the entry which doesn’t have the organizer. Further information, if any to reproduce the issue at our end, will help us investigate the issue for possible resolution. We’ll wait to hear more from you about this.

Can you check with Outlook 2010 32 bit on 64 bit system ?

I’l given you some of code what we are doing.

f_objAppointment = new Appointment(f_Location, null, f_Body, f_StartDate, f_EndDate, mailaddress_organizer,
f_objAppointment = new Appointment(f_Location, null, f_Body, f_StartDate, f_EndDate, null,

check with this.

I think there is no need of any test application if you write the above code and it is sufficient to get it reproduce.
(We have already shared the test application with you. You can use that to modify these things.)

Thanks !


We did check this with Outlook 2010 32 bit on 64 bit system and no such issue occurs at our end. The same code was executed as you have shared and no such issue is observed. The issue has been tested with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions with no success to reproduce the problem. May be it is the Outlook Connector fetching updates differently in our cases.

Let me know if you want connection to our system. We can arrange that can show you what is happening.


We are having difference of behavior in Outlook and hence are unable to conclude this issue. You are requested to send us a small video where you perform same tasks using Outlook 2010 and get no issue. We need to check the behavior of Outlook in your environment and proceed further. Please show available contacts list in video as well for clarity. It will help us to observe the actual behavior which you want and difference created by Aspose.Email.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

We will give this to you ASAP.
We are still facing this issue.This is again related to the Organizer so we can’t release our thing with this issue.Got stuck. Where we were back 3 months.
The project which was stuck before 3 months is still there because of this single issue now.
Hope for the best .