Showing first contact in people pane


We will wait for the above mentioned data and provide feedback at the earliest.

Here is the requested Video.
image.png (14.1 KB)

—> I have a calendar entry without any organizer and attendees.(If am creating the same calendar in outlook it will by default set the organizer property to the user configured with the outlook or UNKNOWN in case outlook is not configured with any mail account).
This property you can see only in outlook spy. It will not show in outlook UI.

—> Then i have copied that PST file (calendar.pst) file in another machine where i have outlook 2010 installed and configured with one mail account.
In video you can see in that outlook i have a contact named test contact.
image.png (35.6 KB)

— > After opening the created calendar entry you can see in people panel my first contact(test contact) get added.
image.png (12.8 KB)

In UI you can see Organizer label is still showing with no value which should not show ideally.
image.png (31.4 KB)

For more clarification am attaching my test application aswell.
First Contact (49.6 KB)

When i checked the calendar property in outlook spy i found property named MeetingRequestWasSent (tag value : 0x80AD000B) which is set to true by default. My meeting request is not sent as i don’t have any organizer and attendees.
bandicam 2018-06-05 (4.9 MB)

Is it the cause of this issue ? Hope you can consider this also while verifying this issue.


Thank you for providing more information. We are working on this issue and request you to spare us little time to complete the analysis and share the feedback.