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Signatures getting corrupted

I am using the (JAVA) aspose.pdf.kit verision 1.7 with an Adobe 7 form.

What I am trying to do is update the form using the Form object which already has adobe signatures in it and is signed prior to the proccess. When I create the new file, the signature now show up as red X on them instead of a green check and the item info in Acrobat reader says "Signature invalid, data error".

I want to be able to update information in an already signed form using the aspose.pdf.kit software, Is this possible?



Edit signatured PDF Form object is not supported by Aspose.Pdf.Kit at present.

Would you please send us the document? Our developers will try their best to find if the feature can be supported shortly.

You can contact me at

Any cooperation is appreciated.

Do you mean that you do not support the editing of the signature or the editing of other fields when a signature is present in another area of the form.

Sorry for late reply.

You are correct on this issue.

Aspose.PDF.Kit can not support signature correlative features on phase now.

Sorry for your inconvenience.